Johalize Swart

July 27, 2021

CVs in the age of Covid: What employers are looking for now

The world of work has changed irrevocably over the past year and a half, and so have the skills employers are now looking for when scouring […]
July 13, 2021

8 COVID-Related Interview Questions You Should Be Ready to Answer During—and After—the Pandemic

The pandemic affected all of us in one way or another, so it’s probably inevitable that COVID-19 will be on our minds for the foreseeable future. […]
July 6, 2021

Listen to wisdom from your body

Have you ever become aware of a gnawing stomach ache that crops up without warning? Or a splitting headache when you can least afford to stop […]
June 29, 2021

What responsibility does an employer have for the OHS of remote workers?

With many organisations now looking to adopt more flexible working hours on a permanent basis, the work from home (WFH) trend is here to stay. While […]
June 22, 2021

The laws around overtime and working from home that every South African should know

While many South Africans have taken to remote working with enthusiasm, the question of when to switch off from work is looming large as the next […]
June 8, 2021

How to End Any Professional Email (Plus a List of Sign-Offs for When You’re Tired of Saying “Best”)

Do you have that professional email mostly written, but you’re not quite sure how to wrap it up? Or do you feel like you’re defaulting to […]
June 1, 2021

Take care, Mr. Moody

Ebb and flow, mountain and valley, highs and lows. That is nature and that is life. Have you ever had a good start to a day, […]
May 25, 2021

10 Simple Work Habits That Will Make You Better (and Happier!) at Your Job

We spend an average of 90,000 hours working in our lifetimes, according to the book Happiness at Work. So, we may as well make them as […]
May 18, 2021

Tips for Your Resume Email Subject Line (So Someone Actually Reads the Thing)

You’ve poured some sweat into that resume (hopefully no tears). Now you just need to get that document into the right hands. The last thing you […]