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  • Norbert Gertse – Hotel Manager
    I came back from Zanzibar in the beginning of last year after successfully running a 5star boutique hotel there for two years. I than met my new agent Hayley for the first time when she got hold of my cv. I must say that Hayley is one of the best agents that i have ever worked with. She is committed to each and everyone of her clients and she go above and beyond to find the best placement and opportunities for us. Thank you, Hayley, for everything that you have done for my thus far. Appreciate it.
    Norbert Gertse – Hotel Manager
  • Jan le Roux
    An easy process with friendly and professional service. A process where you are made to feel like a winner, YOU matter. Thank You Helen for guiding me through the process, constantly following up and keeping me positive during my search for employment. Your service and interest were found to be unequal and highly recommendable. Please note, you are changing lives. I Thank You.
    Jan le Roux
  • Shirley Lipschitz
    A clear and transparent working relationship with total understanding of the client’s staffing requirements. 100 % loyal and takes ownership. Professional always and puts the client first and very selective on only shortlisting qualitative candidates.
    Shirley Lipschitz
    Clarendon Hotel
  •  Stephen Delport, CEO
    The National Bargaining Council for Hairdressing, Cosmetology, Beauty and Skincare has been employing the services of Intelligent Placement over the last 12 months. We have found Intelligent Placement’s services to be of high quality and efficient. Most candidates provided were on point in terms of the needed skills required.
    Stephen Delport, CEO
  • Retha Badenhorst
    I can honestly share with everyone how happy I am in the position they placed me a few months ago! I can really recommend this Placement Agency as they are professional, but they also care about you as the individual! To all my friends and people in need for work, contact them right now!!
    Retha Badenhorst
  •  Anele Gqetywa
    I really thank you with all my heart because this opportunity has made me discovered a lot about myself and has helped me improve in a lot of things. Thank you for inspiring me in such a very short period of time.
    Anele Gqetywa
  •  A.C. GIT
    Janine, you are one of the kindest women that impacted on my life greatly this year.
    A.C. GIT
  • Automotive Industry
    You always provide an excellent service to us and yet again, going beyond what is expected.
    Automotive Industry
  • Anusha Muthusamy
    Everyone is Someone at Intelligent Placement" From your first encounter with Intelligent Placement every individual is treated with the out most respect and sincerity. The tone of eagerness and enthusiasm is the driving force that makes this recruitment agency successful. Intelligent recruitment displays professionalism together with integrity. Congratulations on your 5th birthday to the team.
    Anusha Muthusamy

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+61 (0) 383 766 284


Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000,